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Atop Lookout Mountain

The Unseen Beauty of Rock City at Twilight

April 25, 2024

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Commence daytime’s curtain call: The setting sun radiates a golden hue before making a final bow. 

“If you’ve seen Rock City, you need to come see it again, because you’ve never seen it like this before,” said Flora Luna storyteller Kim Jackson.  

Rock City Nights: Flora Luna offers guests the chance to see the blooming gardens at twilight, a beautiful setting not too many have experienced. For the first time, see shadow and light paint the gardens in vibrant colors along with the glow of illuminated garden sculptures.  

Will Jackson, senior manager of innovation and Flora Luna architect, has spent many years walking through Rock City at sunset and says it’s an experience he wants all to witness. Take it from the expert, the best time to arrive is around 7-7:30, just before the “twilight shift.” As the garden’s golden appearance begins to wane, listen for various bird species to chirp and expect wonderful photo opportunities. 

At twilight, the setting sun will slowly be replaced by the soft glow of low-light lanterns and garden art throughout the trail. The first piece is sure to catch your eye: Red String, a giant sculpture that beckons through the darkness. 

“Be mindful of the moment when you see Red String,” Will said. “The music is going to change, and it shifts dramatically right there, and you’ll feel it. That’s how you should approach that twilight shift – the idea is to get here and then don’t be in a rush.” 

This magical time each evening when everything looks, feels and sounds different, is a moment we too often miss.  

“Twilight hour is a hugely underused time in our country,” Kim said. “We’re usually working or eating dinner through it, or we’re inside, so anytime there’s an opportunity to stop and honor it, I think it’s amazing.” 

Flora Luna begins every night at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, through May 12!