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Howard Future Ready Institute Student Becomes FullTime Partner

September 12, 2023

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With school back up and running, many seniors are thinking about what will happen after graduation. Some will head off to college, others will start work. Many are still trying to figure out what to do.  

Since 2019, the See Rock City Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management has helped provide pathways in culinary arts and hospitality and tourism management at Howard High School to help students explore opportunities and prepare for their future after graduation. This program allowed Howard students to complete work-based learning with Rock City in different areas.  

For one individual, Daishawn Shaw, his story started with work-based learning in the First Impressions office, which would turn into fulltime employment at Café 7, one of Rock City’s restaurant outlets, after his graduation in May of 2023.  

With the official title of a fulltime partner (employee), Daishawn’s responsibilities expanded. However, this was a manageable prospect for him. It was a chance to demonstrate his capabilities on a larger scale. Daishawn’s familiarity with the company’s operations and the rapport he had built with colleagues allowed him to integrate into his new role seamlessly. 

“Working in First Impressions gave me a chance to speak with our guests,” said Shaw. “Whereas back here, it gave me a chance to focus on the product we give our guests.”  

A student’s journey to a fulltime partner is not just a personal achievement, it’s a celebration of dedication and seizing opportunities. However, he could not have done it without the help of Talent Acquisition Manager Tamarah Daniel-Lewis.  

Tamarah and her team work firsthand with the students in the Future Ready Institute from start to finish.  

“This program gives students access to learn the industry and to figure out what’s right for them,” said Daniel-Lewis. 

Daishawn’s story is a testament to the fact that when opportunity meets preparation, extraordinary outcomes are available.