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Our Green Way Forward

Rock City Gardens: Doing our part to find our world's Green Way Forward.

With a multi-faceted focus, Rock City Gardens commits to the pursuit of a holistic approach to sustainability. Our Green Way Forward orients our company toward four ongoing objectives:

The Fundamentals

We work to reduce our energy use, water use, and waste creation by applying the profound yet basic fundamental ideas of conservation: the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Cultivation of our Local Place

From land conservation efforts to the utilization of local, creative talent, we believe that intentionally investing in our shared place is foundational to any holistic sustainability effort. Explore the world of some of our friends and just a few of the assets that Greater Chattanooga offers. Rock City Gardens is proud to have worked several organizations and individuals within our community. Visit the Community page to learn more about these partnerships.


We educate people on the importance of our natural and historic environment. Through internal training, our partners understand the importance of sustainability at work and at home. Externally, we attempt to educate our guests on what Rock City does to protect our world and how guests can help.

Best Practices

At the core of our Green Way Forward effort lies the commitment to developing a way of business, a set of Best Practices, that creates a culture of health and vibrancy relative to all things, particularly the environment in which we work and live.   Of course, we don't know it all, and we're not perfect. So, if you have an idea that will help Rock City find its Green Way Forward, we'd love to hear from you.

TN Green Hospitality Certification

Rock City is proud to now hold the TN Green Hospitality Certification. The Tennessee Green Hospitality Program is an initiative to promote and support a more sustainable state and to give assurance to visitors and potential visitors that we are actively improving our programs for sustainability. Guests will know that certified facilities have achieved a significant level of sustainability in their operations and are continuing to improve. The Green Hospitality Program encourages attractions, lodging facilities, and restaurants to be aware of their impact on the environment and to take steps to reduce their carbon footprints while enhancing the overall sustainability of their operations. The program provides guidance and resources that will greatly reduce our impact on the environment by using techniques that have been proven to reduce waste. An independent third-party audit is required before certification is awarded.