Geology Rocks is an exciting opportunity for scouts to enjoy nature while learning about some of the most beautiful and awesome aspects of the earth and its history. This package includes a Rock City Geology Rocks patch and an online resource guide (link to resource guide) to lead scouts through the exploratory adventures of learning.

Learn how the enchanting rock formations were developed through the history of the earth to bring us the beauty of the Rock City we see today. Rock City provides an unparalleled view of the southeastern landscape and a way to see the earth from a commanding position. Photos taken from our viewpoints provide scouts with a great tool to locate rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and massive plains of pasture.

We are excited about all that a scout can learn while exploring through the wonders of Rock City. You’ll be surprised at how fun learning can be.


Adults: $15.00
Scouts: $10.25, includes Geology Rocks patch

Add-ons available including a 25-foot climbing wall and gemstone panning as well as group meals (link to group meals)

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