Thank you for your interest in having your choir perform at Rock City Gardens. Below you will find information regarding choir performance policies. Please review these policies and then complete the Performance Request Form. Once reviewed, our Group Sales team will contact you to setup your visit. 


  • All Rock City Special Event dates are blacked out. Please refer to our special events page for those dates. 
  • Must be a High School or College competition choir. 
  • Must submit a recent (within the past 90 days) audition video link for reivew. 
  • Performances must be acapella. No amplification is permitted. Instrumentation may be permitted but must be included in the audition link. 
  • Performance locations would include the Seven States Flag Court or the Pavilion depending on weather and availability. 
  • Performances may not exceed 30 minutes. 
  • Rock City will respond within 14 business days of the date the audition link is received. 

Performance Request Form

Choir Information: