Rock City's Peregrine Falcon Release Program is currently hosting two male falcons to prepare for release into the wild. The brother falcons hatched on April 28 and arrived at Rock City on May 27. They will spend approximately two weeks in the hack box before they are released on Monday, June 13. Rock City encouraged its social media followers to help name these two birds, and the names chosen this week are: Lewis and Clark. 

Rock City partners with Wings to Soar for our onsite Raptors programs. For more information on these birds or our release program, feel free to contact Wings to Soar directly at

A live feed has been setup below to watch the birds develop. 

Past releases of peregrine falcons from Rock City:

2006: Garnet and Frieda (the only female released so far)
2008: Rocky
2010: Ted and Zenith (brothers)
2011: Chatty and Lookout (brothers)
2012: Fourscore (synonym for 80, honoring Rock City's 80th anniversary)
July 21, 2014: Orville and Wilbur (brothers)
May 27, 2016: two peregrines arriving to Rock City hack box

*Fun Fact: almost all of the bird names have been chosen by Rock City's social media followers.